Enjoying Success

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Success Builders Incorporated (SBI) is a community-based not-for-profit organization, committed to changing eyesores into icons.  We are working to help bring good success physically, mentally, socially, spiritually and economically to the lives of our misdirected youth and young adults through education and training.  Many of our young citizens have fallen prey to drug addiction and other perils of life brought on by social hardships, economic deprivation, childhood neglect, childhood abuse, or some other misfortune beyond their control.  SBI is playing a vital role in our communities to rescue these victims and introduce them to those segments of our society which serve as catalysts for equipping them with  life-transforming resources, thus causing them to enjoy success.  Our initial focus is to eliminate substance abuse in our communities, and The Drug Exterminator Project is in full force, persevering and unrelentingly working to make Jacksonville Florida our nation’s largest DRUG-FREE city!


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