About Us

Success Builders Incorporated (SBI) is a community-based not-for-profit organization, committed to changing eyesores into icons.  We are working to help bring good success physically, mentally, socially, spiritually and economically to the lives of our misdirected youth and young adults through education and training.  Many of our young citizens have fallen prey to drug addiction and other perils of life brought on by social hardships, economic deprivation, childhood neglect, childhood abuse, or some other misfortune beyond their control.  SBI is playing a vital role in our communities to rescue these victims and introduce them to those segments of our society which serve as catalysts for equipping them with  life-transforming resources, thus causing them to enjoy success.  Our initial focus is to eliminate substance abuse in our communities, and The Drug Exterminator Project is in full force, persevering and unrelentingly working to make Jacksonville Florida our nation’s largest DRUG-FREE city!

Our Mission

We are committed to helping underprivileged, wayward and otherwise undesirable (in the eyes of society) youth and young adults become successful and thrive in the face of adversities. Our mission is to instill a sense of self-worth into these individuals to a degree where they not only become self-sufficient, but excel to a place in our society where they will make a marked difference.

Our Vision

To bring about a postive impact in our communities and families; thus, changing boys into real men, girls into ladies, and both into becoming world leaders.

Current Project

We decree Jacksonville, Florida a drug free city. (Job 22:28)

We have been commissioned by God to remove illegal drugs from the city of Jacksonville, Florida. We’re trusting God that Jacksonville will serve as a catalyst for our nation, causing the United States of America to enjoy a drug-free environment.

As we embark upon Phase II of Project Drug Exterminator, our aim is to saturate Jacksonville, Florida with so much information, that the hearts of the people are raised to levels of unity and assurance.  We invite all citizens, businesses and media to assist us in making public our aim.  Faith comes by hearing, and when the works of satan are exposed, and the people understand that we are not fighting with flesh and blood, but with demonic spirits whose powers are easily destroyed with the Blood of Jesus, success is inevitable.