Our Founder


Lola BrokemondThe anointed founder of Success Builders Incorporated is Lola Brokemond, also Evangelist and Pastor of In His Image Ministries International, and a published author of Mr$. Rafton, Sowing and Reaping, a novel exposing corruption among professionals in long-term care facilities. In her own words, Pastor Brokemond tells of how Success Builders was birthed; and how you can help:

“Oh, how I desire to see heaven brought down to earth in the lives of our young men and women!

I am an ordained minister, having graduated from Crenshaw Christian Center School of Ministry in Los Angeles, California. Shortly after graduation, I began promoting a health product, and was asked by the owner of the company to find distributors in the State of Florida. With God’s approval, I accepted, and informed my family that I would return home within two or three months. My assignment started at the base of Florida, and I worked northward from city to city. When I reached Jacksonville, God instructed me to stay. “This is where I want you,” where His words, and out of obedience, I have remained here, doing what my hands find to do.

I own a local health food store on Dunn Avenue, and the day-to-day activities outside the doors of the store location have prompted me to fight for our children and young adults. On a daily basis, I not only observed the character and conduct of our young Americans, but I began embracing them, giving them guidance and direction. Most of the drug-users on Jacksonville’s north side have grown to know and respect me, and some have responded favorably to correction and counsel. I take delight in stating that God has used me to encourage a number of young men to discontinue using drugs and return to school, or pursue productive lifestyles. This number, however, dwarfs the number of those who still need rehabilitating.

After fifteen years, God has confirmed my mission in Jacksonville: DECREEING JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA A DRUG-FREE CITY. The thought of a DRUG-FREE city has been smoldering in my spirit since shortly after I arrived here, but it was not God’s time. Early this year, God ordered me to move forward.

For Jacksonville, Florida to earn a reputation as the nation’s most desirable and safest city, we must join forces and speak the same thing [I Corinthians 1:10]. Please download our daily prayer under ‘Pray Here,’ and speak it over our city a least daily.

Thank you for sharing our vision! Remember, When you download the prayer under ‘Pray Here,’ and speaking it over our city at least daily, you are helping to bring heaven to earth! We are taking back what the devil has stolen. In Jesus’ name!

God bless you for hearing the heart of God and lending your valuable support!

In the Master’s Service with love and appreciation
Lola Brokemond